ECA/2020/20 - Digital Workplace Specialist


The European Court of Auditors (ECA) is the European Union’s external auditor. Established in 1975, the ECA is one of the EU’s seven institutions. We are based in Luxembourg and employ around 900 audit, support and administrative staff of all EU nationalities.

The ECA operates as a collegiate body of 27 Members, one from each EU Member State. Our auditors check that the EU keeps good accounts and correctly applies its financial rules, and that its policies and programmes achieve their intended objectives and deliver value for money.

Through our work, we contribute to improving the EU’s financial management and promote accountability and transparency. We warn of risks, provide assurance, indicate shortcomings and successes and offer guidance to EU policymakers and legislators. We present our observations and recommendations to the European Parliament, the Council of the EU, and national governments and parliaments, as well as the general public.

Within the Secretariat General of the ECA, the mission of the Directorate of Information, Workplace and Innovation (SG2) is to enable the European Court of Auditors to reach its strategical objectives by making effective and efficient use of information and by facilitating an optimal workplace, optimising the use of the technologies and the facilities management.

The principles of partnership with the users of the ECA and the promotion of innovation, both at business and technological levels, are fundamental values of our Directorate.


The ECA has decided to launch this vacancy notice on the basis of Article 29.1 (a), (b) and (c) of the Staff Regulations.

Therefore, this vacancy notice is open ONLY to officials of the European Court of Auditors, officials of other EU institutions or EPSO competition laureates.

We are seeking one (1) Digital Workplace Specialist (M/F, grades AD5-AD12) for the Directorate of Information, Workplace and Innovation (SG2).

The successful candidate will participate, under the authority of the Director of Information, Workplace and Innovation, in the development and maintenance of IT applications and services in accordance with the IT plan of the ECA.

In particular, the candidate will integrate the Digital Workplace team of the ECA.

This entails:

- being an innovative digital professional who will create new digital services for the ECA;

- redesigning the portfolio of services that will shape the new digital workplace of the ECA;

- identifying and reviewing key business processes in order to adapt them to the digital world, transforming the way the ECA staff work;

- being a solid IT Service Manager and an innovative Business Partner, playing a bridging role between technology and business at ECA;

- managing digital projects from inception to deployment and transition to service;

- being a key player in the adoption of modern IT methods and technologies like DevSecOps or innovative Cloud services.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment, dealing with forefront technologies and innovative working methods.


This vacancy notice is open to applicants who, on the deadline for application, meet the eligibility conditions set out in the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Union (hereinafter the Staff Regulations) and will have:

1. Qualifications

In accordance with Article 5 of the Staff Regulations:

- a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more, or

- a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and appropriate professional experience of at least one year when the normal period of university education is at least three years, or

- where justified in the interests of the service, professional training of an equivalent level.

2. Experience and skills

- Excellent analytical and conceptual skills together with a sound verbal and written communication capacity;

- open-minded and dynamic personality with a deep sense of innovation;

- strong team player spirit enhanced by a sense of service orientation and user satisfaction is fundamental;

- experience in the adoption of Office 365 and cloud-based SaaS solutions is highly desirable;

- eagerness to learn new technologies and implementing those into existing structures (processes, systems);

- knowledge on digital workplace security principles is a valuable asset; and

- pro-active attitude.

3. Knowledge of languages

As English and French are the official working languages of the ECA, a sound knowledge of one of these languages (minimum level C1 in understanding, speaking and writing) and a good knowledge of the other language (minimum level B2 in the same categories), is required.

To assess your foreign language skills, see:


Deadline for applications is midday on 16 December 2020 (CET).

Applications must be submitted only via the online form provided for the vacancy advertised and must comprise the following documents, drafted in EN or FR:

- a letter of motivation;

- an up-to-date CV which must be in the "Europass" format (see:;

- for officials working outside the ECA: in addition to the two above-mentioned elements, a document confirming your function group, grade and status as an official must be provided.

Successful candidates in open competitions or those placed on a reserve list must indicate the reference of the competition or reserve list in their application (CV/letter of motivation).

Please note that only the information provided in your CV, motivation letter and, when applicable, certificate of official status will be taken into account in evaluating your application.

Applications failing to adhere strictly to these instructions will be rejected.

If necessary, applicants must be able, on request, to provide written supporting documents relating to their qualifications, professional experience and current duties.

Interested applicants should complete their online application in time. We strongly advise applicants not to wait until the last few hours to apply. Experience has shown that the system may become overloaded closer to the closing date for applications. It may therefore prove difficult to apply on time.


In line with the Court’s equal opportunities policy and Article 1d of the Staff Regulations, the Court embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunities. The Court accepts applications without discrimination on any grounds and takes steps to ensure that recruitment is evenly balanced between men and women, as required by Article 23 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The Court also takes measures to reconcile working life with family life.

If you require any special arrangements (for specific handicap or disability) in order to take part in this selection procedure, please send an email in good time to


The Court is committed to ensuring that candidates' personal data are processed in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data.  

For more information, see the specific privacy statement for employment vacancies which is available at the following address:


If, at any stage in the selection procedure, you consider that a decision taken in your regard is wrong, the following options are available.

I. Request for the selection board to reconsider its decision

You may submit a written reasoned request for a board’s decision to be reconsidered. Such a request must be submitted to the following address within 10 days of notification of the decision:

II. Complaints

Under Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations, you may submit a complaint against the ECA’s decision to reject your application within three months of being notified thereof. This complaint should be sent to the following address:

The Secretary-General
European Court of Auditors
12, rue Alcide De Gasperi
L-1615 Luxembourg

III. Judicial appeal

Under Article 91 of the Staff Regulations, you may appeal against a decision to reject your complaint, insofar as it adversely affects you, to the Court of Justice of the European Union. The action must be brought by a lawyer within three months of notification of the decision to reject the complaint.

IV. Complaints to the European Ombudsman

If you believe that the handling of your application has involved maladministration by the European Court of Auditors, you may lodge a complaint with the European Ombudsman, having first contacted the Court with the aim of settling the dispute. You must submit your complaint in writing within two years of discovering the relevant facts. An online complaints form is available on the European Ombudsman’s website. Applying to the European Ombudsman will not suspend the appeal deadlines given above.


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